hi! i'm kanna and this is an art blog of awfulness. i posts my better drawings on deviantArt. Feel free to follow/ask!!

it’s dusty. i’ll clean this up one day. ONE DAY haha.

also forgot my main tumblr’s email lol why. i swear i knew it few months ago;;;;

i have a decent amount of emails, and i tried all of them so wryyy orz

in my dream, he was a singer wearing sexy clothes oTL

i like gundam AGE already, it’s cute and there’s no long, confusing setting explanations since it’s aimed for kids. This series will soon enter my i-want-to-make-fanarts-of-them-but-i-can’t-draw-male list after hxh and inazumas (why, all shota).

i’ll somehow manage to draw a decent AGE fanart, one dayyy

my traptastic pottermore OC! ^o^ his name will somehow be androgynous but i still have no idea;;; his friends are yoon's and rizu's OCs! \(^o^)/ i hope more will come and friend him ahahah though i only have few friends who're in pottermore;;;

TL;DR: also i’m a mis-sorted ravenclaw ahahahaha /is very stupid/ kashdjkha oTL i wish i were a huffie. huffies are so cute and their common room is close with the kitchen. at least i’m glad there’s no riddle to enter the common room in pottermore, or else i’ll never be able to get inside even after i graduate. i selectively follow people on pottermore hnggg so pls tell me if you want to add me (I’M SURE NO ONE WANTS THO)

kanna here! i’m a n00b artist resides in deviantart and twitter. ;v; i change art blog a lot because i’m stupidly unconfident with my doodles/quickies, but i always know i need sth to post them jahsjkdas n__n;;;; let’s see how long i can maintain this one! Please enjoy my craps, but dun forget you can always close the tab whenever my posts hurt your eyes / v \